Region 3 - Thompson - Nicola

"Don't hesitate to go camping because you're not experienced. Every man has his first trip and the immense army of them that follow it year after year is evidence that they enjoy and benefit by it.

F.H. Buzzacott - 1908

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Flies for lakes in the Kamloops area

Here is a list of flies to bring to Kamloops and area lakes. These flies are used in all interior lakes and are good for trolling, wet line, and casting. This list is meant as a guideline for flies to get and of course, the flies come in a variety of sizes and some in different colours

Compliments of Ron Thompson - Fly Fisher Extraordinaire

Shrimp - olive, olive grey, pregnant shrimp, werner

Doc Spratley - black, olive, red

Leeches - black, olive, brown, maroon, Las Vegas, Ruby-eyed, Gold beaded

Dragonflies - Damer, Gomphus

Wooly Buggers - black, olive, brown, crystal/black/olive, Little Fort

Careys - red, olive, bright green, green, brown, maroon

Idaho Nymph

Six pack


Knouff Lake Special

Sedge Pupa

Pheasant Tail - Gold bead flashback, Gold bead, olive, brown

52 Buick

Prince Nymph


Damselflies - light olive,olive, brown

Chironomids chromie, black and red, gunmetal, olive king, and all the others

The flies shown here are all from F.H. Buzzacott's book of 1908

The lakes below are located in Region 3 - Thompson-Nicola

The lakes underlined are now written up and available for your viewing. This is a continuous "work in progress" therefore check this website often as there will be constant changes and additions. ... and we are certainly open to suggestions as to how we may be able to improve this site and make it more useful.


Lac Le Jeune
Lodgepole Lake


McConnell Lake

McGillivray Lake

Morrisey Lake


Neskonlith Lake

Nicola Lake



Paska Lake
Pinantan Lake
Paul Lake



Roche Lake


Salmon Lake
Scuitto Lake

Shumway Lake

Shuswap Lake
Stump Lake





Walloper Lake

X, Y, Z

"Hot Coffee" " a stimulant far more beneficial before hard work, than the same quantity of whiskey."

F.H. Buzzacott - 1908