Campfire Cooking, Recipes and Camping Tips

Camping and outdoor cooking always has a special "event" mindset about them. Why is it that the pot of stew with wood ash in it but cooked over an open fire, tastes so delicious and no one really cares about the "extra ingredients"

If you are an ardent outdoors person, or wish you could be more like one - you just have to check out these camping guides and camp kitchen recipe books. Great ideas, great recipes, great little books - a MUST for every backpack or RV.

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  • Honeymoon Sourdoughs
  • Dutch Oven Hopi
  • Indian Fry Bread
  • Southern Corn Bread
  • Campfire Bannock
  • Eggs on a Raft
  • Jamaica Bananas
  • Hell In A Bag
  • Eggs On A Raft
  • Breakfast Rollups
  • Brighten-Up Hobo Breakfast
  • Campfire Hash
  • Huevos Rancheros
  • Kentucky Scramble
  • Nacho Dip Texas Style
  • Jaffle Pizza
  • Milk Mexican Jerky
  • $20,000 Prize Winning Chili
  • ... AND MUCH MORE!

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Beginner Family Camping Tips

Here is a great little e-book that is full of more great ideas. This book makes great complimentary reading to the above, Camp Kitchen Recipe book.

12 Steps To Tent Camping And Enjoying The Outdoor Living Adventure, Nature And Relaxing Time Away From Home

11 Experts with 138 years of combined experience give advice for fun and safe tent camping from start to finish.

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