Horseshoe Lake

General Information

Horseshoe Lake is one of several lakes located within Roche Lake Provincial Park. The water level has gone down over the past many years, however, when the water was higher, the lake did look like a horseshoe, thus the name.

This lake is a small, shallower lake but considered a good fly fishing lake, especially in early spring and late summer /fall.

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Quilchena Hotel 

Be sure and check out the real bullet holes in the hotel's bar.

Quilchena General Store - Since the late 1800's and it still services the ranchers in the area.

... a must see place ... everything from an ice cream bar to a saddle ...

Sign near the hotel - note there is gas available as well as an RV Park. The food, atmosphere and staff are superb at the Hotel - store too.

Location & Access (Lat. 50 28'48.83" N ? 120 10'14.10" W)

Coming from Kamloops turn off the Trans Canada Highway at Exit #368, near Aberdeen Mall. You are now on the Merritt Highway #5. At approximately 5.7 kms you will pass the Knutsford Campground. (Seems to be a popular R.V. site and well maintained. There is a creek rambling through the camping area which is nestled down in a quiet valley bottom setting.)

At approximately 22.5 km you will pass Willow Ranch on your left. - (where I rode my first horse ... and thought I was better than The Lone Ranger...) The turn-off to the Roche Lake Provincial Park area "comes" up quite quickly on your left, after you pass the ranch. (.3 km) You will enter the park (map board below) at about 29.9 km from Kamloops (approximately 9 km off the "Old Merritt Highway) and the turn-off to Bleeker (and Hosli) is about .3 km further along, (past the park entrance) on your left. Stay on the main Roche Lake Road and go past the turn-off to Bleeker Lake. In less than a minute you will come to the intersection leading to It is a fairly good gravel road with the usual small potholes but this road should be fine for travel trailers, 5th wheels and motorhomes. (maybe not the X-Large units - limited parking)

Note: If you are coming from the Merritt direction it is best to use the Old Merritt Highway #5A which goes along the shores of Nicola Lake and Stump Lake. You will pass some "history" just north of Merritt at Upper Nicola. (the old, fancy buildings are there because the local ranchers had been trying to persuade the Colonial Government to locate the capital of B.C. there - at the head of Nicola Lake. There is a nice gift shop located there and just a few minutes further along is Quilchina Hotel, golf course and store not too far out of Merritt.

Distance from Merritt to the Roche Lake Provincial Park turn-off is about 70 km.

Above - Looking "down" the road to "Roche Lake West" campsite and boat launch. The red vehicle is coming out of the Horseshoe Lake campground and boat launch.

Below - Roche Lake Provincial Park sign showing the various lakes.

Facilities & Services

  • Boat Launch - Yes - (good for a boat trailer)
  • Camping / RVs - Yes
  • Cell phone coverage - No
  • Firepits - Yes
  • Tables - Yes
  • Outhouses - Yes
  • Garbage Containers - Yes
  • Resort - No (Roche Lake Resort is just minutes away - this is a full service resort with a restaurant, cabins, limited R.V. parking, boat launch, and boat rentals

Boat Launch

This boat launch is a good one. Good gravel base, and room to maneuver.

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