Hyas Lake

General Information

Hyas Lake, B.C. is a smaller and typical interior higher elevation lake with limited access. There are a few privately owned, rustic cabins located on the south westerly shoreline. Directly adjacent to the Forest Service Recreation site and boat launch on the east side, is a small fishing camp. This camp is privately owned but may be available for rent. (at this time we do not have a contact number for the camp)

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Location & Access

Hyas Lake, is East, off Highway 5 North, onto the Paul Lake Road turnoff.which is about a five minute drive from downtown Kamloops, on Highway 5, N.

Follow all "Paul Lake Provincial Park" signs. The Provincial Park is approximately 18 kms east of Hwy 5. The road is paved approximately 28 kms. from Hwy 5.

Travel 11.9 / 12 kms past the Paul Lake Provincial Park gate and you will come to a fork in the gravel road. Turn left onto the Hyas Lake road. You will proceed another 20.4 kms to arrive at the Hyas Lake Forest Service Recreation site. Please note there are other logging roads leading off the Hyas Lake Road but it is fairly easy to tell which is the main road. There is also a short section of the road that has been "gravelled" with small rock that has been blasted. This sharp, blasted rock, can be tough on tires. We, ourselves had a rock go through one of our quite new tires.

This road is best suited for a truck although it is not a 4 X 4 road. Cars could also use this road however portions of the road could be quite slick if wet. Pulling a travel trailer to Hyas Lake could be dicey in that turning at the campsite might be tricky - depending upon how busy the site was. We recommend going into the campground for your first trip without towing a travel trailer. The difference between a travel trailer and a boat trailer is that if you get in a bind with the boat trailer, you can always unhook it and turn it by hand.

This is the closest site to the water. The boat launch is to the immediate left of this photo.

Facilites & Services

  • Boat Launch - Yes (good for boat trailer although it is shallow and somewhat muddy)
  • Camping - Yes
  • Cell Coverage - No
  • Firepits - Yes
  • Garbage Collection - No (Please take all garbage home, including pieces of fishing line)
  • Outhouse - Yes
  • Picnic Tables - Yes
  • Resort - Not really. There is a fishing camp adjacent to the Rec. Site, but never count on someone being there for emergency assistance.)

Boat Launch

We think the launch is O.K. and good for a boat trailer. (Depending upon the time of year (water level) if may be a bit shallow to launch with a boat trailer) If your boat is light enough you could possibly push or pull it by hand off and on your trailer. More of an issue here is limited parking, especially if you are pulling a boat trailer.