Bleeker Lake

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Looking out over Bleeker Lake from the dam at the westerly end. Although some folks do camp just to the left of this photo, this is NOT the Forest Service Rec. site.

General Information

Bleeker Lake is in the same general area as the Roche Lake Park group of lakes however this lake is not in the park. The lake is relatively shallow however it does go to a depth of 12 m / 36 ft.

Location & Access

Coming from Kamloops turn off the Trans Canada Highway at Exit #368, near Aberdeen Mall. You are now on the Merritt Highway #5. At approximately 5.7 kms you will pass the Knutsford Campground. (We have no need to stay there but this seems to be a popular R.V. site. There is a creek rambling through the camping area which is nestled down in a quiet valley bottom setting.)

At approximately 22.5 km you will pass Willow Ranch on your left. - (where I rode my first horse ... and thought I was better than The Lone Ranger...) The turn-off to the Roche Lake Park area and Bleeker Lake "comes" up quite quickly on your left, after you pass the ranch. (.3 km) You will enter the park at about 29.9 km. and the turn-off to Bleeker (and Hosli) is about .3 km further along, on your left. It is a fairly good gravel road but there are some potholes and as with all back roads, conditions can change quickly especially if wet. A car can make it to Bleeker but don't try to go on to Hosli with a car or even a two wheel drive truck. You will come to the west end of Bleeker Lake approximately 2.1 km from the Roche Lake Road. Photo above is taken from the dam, near the west end. Travel around the end of the lake for about another five minutes and you will come to the F.S. Rec Site and boat launch area.

Facilities and Services

  • Boat Launch - yes (at lower water this launch may be too shallow and muddy to use a boat trailer. Should be no problem with a car topper)
  • Camping - Yes - however unorganized (no designated spots)
  • Cell Coverage - spotty
  • Fire Pits - Yes (rocks - we do not encourage making your own fire pit)
  • Garbage Collection - No (Please take all garbage home, including pieces of fishing line)
  • Outhouse - Yes
  • Picnic Tables - No
  • Resort - No (Roche Lake Resort which is a full service resort is about a 15 min. drive away)

Boat launch at Bleeker Lake