"GOING CAMPING" "... Wake up man, go to the woods and forest as did your forefathers before ye, where the pure air laden with the health-giving properties of the woods can brace you, where the air and water is pure, where the sweet grass and wild flowers or leaves fill the very atmosphere with that which your system and sight most craves ...."

F.H. Buzzacott - 1908

Not so modern wall tent - complete with central wood "heating"

The canoe is still one of the best all-round water crafts for fishing - seaworthy, light, and very enjoyable (and you just cannot beat the "feel" of paddling a wood & canvas one)

The "real" way to camp cook

"4 - wheeling" in a different era - very good at going through mud holes, etc. ... and very good fuel milage!

Fishing and Camping at it's best!

There are thousands of B.C. fishing lakes. We are going to tell you about some of them. Where to go, how to get there and what is there when you arrive. ... and we will put little tidbits of outdoor lore here and there for your enjoyment. ... and please don't take some of these "tips" too seriously - at least not all of them. Enjoy!

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Some of the topics we will discuss and show you;

  • campgrounds & photos
  • boat launches & photos
  • nearby resorts and services
  • cell phone coverage
  • Lats & Longs coordinates (GPS)
  • road access and description (can you drive your car to the lake or do you require a 4-wheel drive?)
  • is there a decent area for swimming?
  • wildlife
  • B.C. Fishing Regulation Information
  • obtain B.C. Freshwater Fishing License

  • These fly pictures are from F.H. Buzzacott book of 1908

    Sunset on Community Lake, B.C.

    This web site is intended to help people who may be living in British Columbia, or planning a trip to British Columbia and who are planning for and wondering what fly fishing lakes they should try to go to; where it is; and how to get there. Of course, it is nice to know what is there when you do arrive. Hookedonbclakes.com will attempt to help you out.

    This site is "young" but growing. There are thousands of rainbow trout fly fishing lakes and rivers in British Columbia. Some two hundred of these lakes are located within a one hour drive of Kamloops. We will attempt to list some of these many lakes.

    We encourage the whole family type of outing. Fishing trips can and should be much more than just fishing and catching fish. There are many other things to see and do. Wildlife photography, birdwatching, walking/hiking, camping out, swimming and mountain biking are just a few other activities that can be done while out on that day or weekend "fishing trip".

    Check out our various other "Navigation Bar" headings. We have tried to include links that we feel will be helpful to you for trip planning and in general to have a more enjoyable and safe outing.

    Our site will continue to grow and change - and some of those changes will be a direct result of input from you, our "reader".

    Thanks for visiting and come again.
    Doug Richardson