Morrisey Lake

Google Map showing overview of Sun Peaks Resort, McGillivray Lake and Morrisey Lake

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Facing easterly from the westerly rec site at Morrisey Lake. Decent boat launch - but shallow

General Information

Morrisey is a higher elevation lake. (approximately 1400 m / 4600 ft) This can make it a good choice to fish even in July and August when it can be so hot in the valley bottoms around Kamloops.

This lake is smaller than it's neighbour, McGillivray Lake, but fishing can be quite good at times.

Typical of many recreations sites. The sites at the west end are quite small.

This is taken from the top of the boat launch at the west end. Parking and turn-a-round is limited. Not recommended for motorhomes or towed RV's.

Location and Access

Directions to Morrisey Lake are very similar to McGillivray Lake. Study the above Google Map and you should not have any difficulties finding the lake. The road into the lake could be somewhat tough if there has been much recent rainfall.

There are two main routes to the lake. The more common way in is to drive north from Kamloops on Highway 5 (Yellowhead) to Heffley Creek and follow all signs to the Sun Peaks resort area. This is approximately 34 km. Stay on the main paved road and drive though the resort complex on Creekside Way. Turn right on Village Way and left on Sun Peaks Road. You are now going northerly up a hill. Watch for a gravel road leading off on your right - and watch for signs.

The other route to the lake is via Neskonlith Lake which is accessed from Chase, B.C. it may be a shorter distance to the lake but the road is considerably rougher - and you could meet a logging truck on this road. The road also travels through a large area of old fire burn which could result in dead trees falling across the road.

There is considerable road and building construction ongoing and this road system may change from time to time. It will not be blocked, but if you see some construction workers nearby, don't by shy about asking for some directions.

There are small signs along the way. Some mountain bike rental and other outdoor guiding type of companies use this route to McGillivray Lake so it is usually fairly clearly marked out.

When you come to a main fork in the road, turn right and continue to watch for small signs. At approximately 40 km (from the Sun Peaks turn off at Highway 5) watch for a Forest Service Recreation sign pointing to Morrisey Lake. (There was also a "marker board" #20 at that turn-off) (don't turn down there) Carry on to the next left (.1 km) to the McGillivray Lake recreation site and Sun Peak's ski lodge outpost cabin.

Morrisey easterly launch site - facing westerly. Shallow but should be O.K.for small boat trailers.

Morrisey Lake easterly rec site and parking. Looking up from the boat launch area. A bit more room at this location, but not a great deal.

Facilities & Services

  • Boat Launch - Yes (good for boat trailer - may be a bit tough at lower water - Fall)
  • Camping / RVs - Yes - small and rather unorganized, some O.K.for travel trailers or 5th wheels or smaller motorhome. (if you want to chance even taking a motorhome in)
  • Cell Coverage - No
  • Firepits - Some
  • Garbage Collection - No (Please take all garbage home, including pieces of fishing line)
  • Outhouses - Yes
  • Picnic Tables - Some
  • Resort - No (Sun Peaks Resort is within a 20 min drive to the west)
  • Most recreation/camp sites on the smaller fishing lakes are "USER MAINTAINED" or very close to that. (maintenance contractors usually cannot check each lake and campsite on a daily basis) We ALL must look after these precious facilities.

    Firewood is usually not available. Please, do not cut nearby trees for firewood.

Accommodation at Sun Peaks Resort

"Ardmore" at #33 Woodhaven. Check out this terrific accommodation at Sun Peaks Resort. Enjoy a memorable summer or winter getaway. Special Low Spring, Summer and Fall Rates - A great base for hiking, fishing, photographing the wildflowers in the alpine meadows, or even a game or two of golf. ... and of course, skiing or snowshoeing in the winter season

Lakes that are within an easy driving distance - Badger Lake, Community Lake, Heffley Lake, Knouff Lake and McGillivray Lake. (Sun Peaks has canoe rentals on this lake) ... and Kamloops is only forty-five minutes away.

Oh, and please let Kirstin and John know you discovered "Ardmore" on this website.

"Ardmore" Dinning room at Christmas looking out over sundeck. BBQ and hot tub also included.
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