Heffley Lake

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General Information

Heffley Lake, like Paul Lake, is a "Kamloops Cottage Lake". ... or at least it was. Today many of the small, cozy cabins of the 1940's, 50's and 60's have been purchased and very large, modern homes have replaced them to become year-round dwellings. Still, the lake is a nice lake to spend a day at. The far (southerly) shore is still "wilderness" and has some interesting locations for fishing. The lake is about 7 km (4 1/2 mi.) long.

NOTE: (Spring 2022)  There is one resort on the lake.  (LAKESIDE HEFFLEY HIDEAWAY - FOR BOOKINGS AND INQUIRIES PLEASE CALL 250-214-7400)  (This was formerly the Hitch N Rail - which has now sold to new owners)  Sounds like the new owners have some progressive plans for updates and services.  (when we obtain more detailed information we will update this page)

The government campsite and boat launch have undergone major changes. There are currently 19 sites and we feel the government folks and the contractors doing the work have done a terrific job! - especially on a very restricted budget.

Location & Access

Heffley Lake is located approximately forty minutes northeast of Kamloops. Drive north on Highway #5 (Yellowhead) and watch for all road signs leading to Sun Peaks Ski Resort. Turn right (east) at the Heffley Creek Store and follow the main paved road toward Sun Peaks Ski Resort. When you pass the Lakeside Heffley Hideaway, you are very close to the turn-off to the recreation site on your right. From there it is just a few hundred yards on good gravel to the lake. A car pulling a travel trailer can access this campsite.

Note: There is a good gravel road connecting the boat launch area and campsite. There is a small channel between the boat launch and the campsite and with care, you can get through this channel.  (depending upon the month)

Boat Launch  (free access)

This is a good boat launch.

Please be thoughtful when launching and more importantly, when parking your vehicle and boat trailer. ... and please, try to leave a place free directly across from the launch so as to allow a vehicle and boat trailer to maneuver for launching.

The Heffley Lake boat launch has a good, solid gravel base. The actual launch now has large boulders marking out the perimeters of the launch area.

We would like to say that the government agency responsible for these public recreation locations is certainly trying to make them better for all users.

Boat launch to the left of centre. Swimming area to the right (of large boulder)

The parking area is large. PLEASE pull as far up as possible, especially if you have a boat trailer.

Designated picnic site beside boat launch and swimming area. Outhouses are nearby.

Rainbow over Heffley Lake, B.C. (A great ending to a day)