Lac Le Jeune

"in Case of Fire In Tent" - "If serious, lay hold of the bottom of the bedding and pull out, and with a blanket smother the fire, quickly. If fire is caught in time you can smother it. Let the tent go, but save the outfit therein, if possible. You can improvise shelter but not the outfit, so safe that part first."

F.H. Buzzacott - 1908

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General Information

Lac Le Jeune is a mid range elevation lake for the Kamloops area. There are some year round homes on the lake as well as your typical seasonal summer cottage. The lake has a 20 km boating speed restriction. (wish more lakes had this i.e. Paul Lake - on portions anyhow) The lake has a resort (Lac Le Jeune Resort) at one end where you can rent kayaks, etc. Fishing is considered to be fairly good, depending upon the time of year. There are deep areas for the troller and lots of shoals and reed beds for the fly-fisherperson. There is a good swim beach at the provincial park and the water is warm enough for swimming.

Location & Access

The road to Lac Le Jeune from Kamloops, or Vancouver via the Coquihalla, (Hwy #5) is paved all the way and you will have no problem with the largest of R.V.'s. However, once in the Lac Le Jeune Provincial Campground, there are limited sites large enough for the 40+ foot M.H. (but we have seen some very long units there)

From Kamloops; just west of Aberdeen Mall along the W. Transcanada Highway, look for Exit #366 / Copperhead Drive. You turn right off the "Freeway" then left across the highway on the overpass and then right at the south end of the overpass. Follow the signs to Lac Le Jeune.

  • 16 kms on your left you will pass the Goose Lake Road (which will loop you back to Kamloops via a portion of the "Old Merrit" Highway #5A - if you wish).
  • 20 kms on your left is the turn-off to McConnell Lake Provincial Park
  • 23 kms on your left is the turn-off to Stake Lake. This is a small, shallow fishing lake as well as a major cross country ski trail system. Of course these same trails are used for walking / hiking in the summer.
  • 25 kms is the turn-off to Lac Le Jeune on your left
  • 26 kms turn left again and watch for the Lac Le Jeune Provincial Park sign on your right.

From Merritt; Travel north along Highway #5, (Coquihalla) 50 km to Exit #336 (see above map)

The road is paved all the way as are all the roadways in the park. Just take note of the one-way arrows for the various campsite roads. The lower sites are close to the lake and many are shaded. The upper sites are not shaded (hundreds of pine trees had to be removed as a result of the mountain pine beetle devastation) but many do offer a great view over the lake. - especially when a full moon is rising over the lake.

The park is well monitored and maintained. The operators are very good, friendly, helpful and just all round good folk. There are pit toilets as well as flush toilets and firewood is available for purchase.

There is a great day beach front area for swimming, having a picnic or even fishing off the wheel-chair access dock. Lots of parking for the day area.

Facilites & Services

  • Boat Launch - Yes
  • Camping / RVs - Yes
  • Cell Coverage - Generally good.   We have also connected with a "stick" for our laptop and with a booster amp. works very well )
  • Pay Phone - Yes
  • Firepits - Yes
  • Firewood - Yes
  • Garbage Collection - Yes - during the regular season
  • Picnic Tables - Yes
  • Sani-Dump _ Yes (small fee)
  • Resort - Yes - nearby at the end of the lake, Lac Le Jeune Resort
  • Hiking Trails - Yes, a trail goes around the complete lake, about a 3 to 3 1/2 hour hike
  • Park Host - most of the season
  • Park Facility workers - Yes
  • Store - No - Logan Lake (nice drive and great food - and pie - in the restaurant in the main Hotel) or you can drive to Kamloops. Either way is about 20 - 25 minutes paved roads

"Roughing it" at Lac Le Jeune Provincial Park - site #32 (overlooks the lake) Lots of sun for our solar panels

Boat Launch

The boat launch area has good parking for single vehicles as well as those with boat trailers. The actual launch site is O.K. but we certainly have seen better. ... even better, natural, gravel launches.

The turn area is on an angle so that can present a tricky issue for some. ... and the paved launch is narrow and if the water is low, be careful to NOT back your trailer too far in and OFF the end of the concrete ramp under the water. We have seen more than one trailer damaged once they drop off the end. The axel then can get stuck and serious damage can occur. ... we have seen it.

That is our boat at the little dock which is nice to have a place to tie your boat while loading or unloading it.

Nice, but narrow launch ramp. Please note the 20 kmph speed restriction for boats

End of ramp, careful to not drive off the end of the concrete ramp under the water - could hook your trailer axle

View of boat launch from lake

"Fish On!" - note, folding Porta-Bote

"Everyone" enjoys getting out for a day on the water.